Me and my girlfriend dropped in today for an open session. As soon as we walked in the door we were greeted by very friendly staff. Was very impressed with there set up, every bit of kit you need is there and they’ve done well with the space they’ve got. Great atmosphere and I’d highly recommend, cheers guys.
— Christopher Hay
Would now feel totally lost without The Hive. Fantastic family atmosphere in a tardis of a gym. The best coaches and classes in Chichester without doubt. Everyone should have this in there life!
— Steve Moulsdale
Not sure why I have not written a review until now! Absolutely love this place and everyone there, never have I been so welcomed by everyone and fallen so in love with a gym.
— Aimee Dubben
Great place to work out, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable people in a great atmosphere.
— Adam Farrands
There is fitness and then there is fitness! The Hive team are friendly and welcoming no matter your level. They know how hard to push and more importantly when to ease off - before you know it you’ve shifted the excess weight, your fitter and lifting heavier then ever before - special mention to James Tyler (he puts up with a lot of stick from this somewhat stroppy client - I call it banter he may have a different view!). If you haven’t already pop in and give Hive Fitness a try you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.
— Laura Bradley