What is CrossFit? 

The definition of CrossFit is:
'Constantly varied functional movement, performed at high intensity' (Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.) 

This quick, strength and conditioning training combines weights, cardio, endurance and gymnastics- no one session is ever the same. Getting you out of a  routine and keeping sessions constantly varied and surprising makes CrossFit fun, motivational and great for all-round fitness development. 

The aim of CrossFit is to get you feeling strong, healthy and in the best shape possible through pushing yourself in this high intensity workout session. Although training within a group you are competing against yourself in a friendly but motivational workspace. 

CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

Video courtesy of CrossFit inc. 


CrossFit @ The Hive 

At The Hive, our CrossFit team have worked hard to design and develop a CrossFit offering that we believe is the best on the South Coast.  Our new facility and equipment is designed specifically for a range of CrossFit exercises and combinations for our members.

We're building a CrossFit community here at The Hive, which is growing fast! So make sure you come down and give it a try.

We are a fully certified venue with CrossFit and our staff are fully qualified. Those that are new to CrossFit will need to have an induction with one of our qualified CrossFit coaches.