Meet the Hive Team

Here at The Hive Chichester you'll be trained by some of the best and most forward-thinking fitness coaches in the South with a broad range of disciplines on offer. Be prepared to sweat, get stuck in and have fun along the way! Benefit from our top-floor private personal training studio, as well as a tailored nutrition and fitness program to get you where you want to be - no matter your goals. 




Jonny Haskell

Expertise & Qualifications:

  • BSC Hons Sport & Exercise Science

  • Diploma in Personal Training

  • CrossFit level 1 coach

  • KTA Kettlebell level 1

  • TRX Suspension training

  • FIT Advanced Core Training

  • Spin Certified Coach

Jonny firmly believes that regular, varied and intensive yet fun exercise, combined with a positive  attitude and a structured nutrition plan are the vital tools needed to achieve any lifestyle changing goal. With a breadth of experience and qualifications in the most progressive forms of fitness training - Jonny uses modern techniques to keep his clients motivated and working hard. 


James Tyler

Expertise & Qualifications

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 1 Bootcamp Instructor

  • Circuit Instructor

  • Spinning Instructor

  • Suspension training

James specialises in weight loss and conditioning as well as muscular strength gain and muscular toning, and he aims to deliver these results in a varied and fun fashion with his circuit and bootcamp style approach. As your personal trainer James promises to provide you with all of his support, both in and outside of the gym when working towards achieving your health and fitness goals.





Level 1 CrossFit Trainer /  Assistant Director

'My crossfit journey began in 2016, new to the entire fitness world; I was of course intimidated by the very idea of putting on gym leggings and training in front of people. However stepping into the Hive was like I never would have expected, the amount of support from coaches and members inspired my love for the sport and got me here now. Many people struggle with body image on a daily basis, as a coach I want to inspire people to not only love what their bodies look like but what they can do, this means setting goals, smashing PBs but most importantly having fun! CrossFit is a sport focusing on functional skills performed at high intensity. This combination can only benefit your health and
well being, both physically and mentally. What
more can you really ask for?!

Completing my Level 1 qualification has allowed me to use what I have learnt in the last two years, to successfully coach and support others in their CrossFit journey. I am still only at the beginning of mine, and continue to challenge myself daily to reach targets and push my limits. My aim now is to discover how CrossFit can benefit children throughout their development, and I hope to inspire the younger generation to live a fun, healthy and active life. The great thing about CrossFit is the constant room for progress as well as the noticeable daily improvements.'


Archie Swinyard

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

'I get a massive buzz from progressing within CrossFit, regularly achieving personal bests and by instructing and motivating others to reach their full potential

Although originally self-taught using body weight
calisthenics movements, I moved on to CrossFit training when I joined The Hive. I find that CrossFit perfectly combines strength training, body weight movements and cardio. CrossFit also encourages friendly camaraderie which means that working out at the Hive has always been fun. I believe ‘having fun’ is an essential part to an
individual’s long-term improvement and motivation..'


Shona Paffey

Boxing Coach & Personal Trainer

Having boxed for the South of England after gaining an amateur license, Shona enjoys how much discipline, focus and hard work goes into training, balanced with the pressures of everyday life and family. 

Shona is a level 3 Personal Trainer as well as a suspension fitness trainer. She loves having fun with her clients, keeping her training approaches fresh and current. 


ED Clery

Personal Trainer

Former professional Breakdancer and Drummer Ed Clery has shared a genuine passion for fitness, nutrition and inspiring people to become amazing for the past 15 years.

Ed loves promoting healthy living and optimal fitness through the constantly varied, hight intensity world of Crossfit.

"The combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, metabolic conditioning and nutritional focus leads to a complete transformation of your personal quality of life, strength and fitness".

After retiring as a professional Breakdancer and Session Drummer a few years ago Ed made the decision to concentrate on his other passion, Crossfit, Health and Fitness.

Seeing the results for himself, Ed soon realised the benefits of Crossfit’s training methods and decided that coaching was an endeavour he would gladly like to pursue.

“There is nothing better then being able to witness not only the evolution of a persons ability but also their mindset as they accomplish goals they never thought they could achieve. That’s what drives me to be the best coach I can be alongside my own personal development”.


Jordan Kohn

Personal Trainer

When thinking of personal training most people think treadmill, machines and weights, which can be very tedious. Jordan believes there is an endless amount of exercises and different ways of training to keep your sessions enjoyable and effective.  he workouts he provides his clients are tailor made for their specific goals. He can also provide nutritional advice as a healthy sustainable diet is key to maintaining your fitness and wellbeing.