Olympic Lifting

Our new Olympic lifting class is a highly specific technique orientated class. Our experienced and qualified coaches will guide you through complex compound movements ranging from the snatch, the clean & the jerk to deadlifts, squats and presses. Tips, tricks and mobility blips will all be covered as you develop your learning on these complex movement patterns with particular attention to the Olympic lifts. Of course at the Hive we like to make you sweat so the occasional bout of high intensity plyometric work may well pop up within this Olympic lifting class too! If you're looking to learn, progress and advance your lifting then this is certainly the class for you! 

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Is CrossFit right for me? - Dispelling some myths.

Am I fit enough to start CrossFit? Am I too old to start? Is CrossFit for me? 


All of these are common questions that we get from new and potential members, and generally these are fuelled by incorrect information or the "stigma" surrounding CrossFit. Well at the Hive we cater for everyone and anyone, and our members are diverse in age and ability!

We have seen a massive improvement in the quality of life of over 50's who participate in regular physical exercise, and CrossFit is the perfect prescription for this. Our coaches can scale any workout for anyone, enabling them to workout alongside all of our members and enjoy it! It's common to see different generations of the same family working out together, and reaping the benefits that CrossFit provides. 

Many if our members began CrossFit in a completely untrained state, often with no gym experience, and scared about the supposedly intimidating nature of group classes. Fast forward a few weeks, and they are a part of a supportive and fun community that genuinely care for each member. There are no big egos at CrossFit Buzz, and although a few have a penchant for getting their tops off (guilty coaches), we never take ourselves too seriously!

If you are considering CrossFit, but are still unsure if you're right for it, we encourage you to come down for a chat with any one of our coaches, so they can show you first hand the set up and fantastic community we have here! 

The Hive Fitness Team

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